Hera Huang
Who I am

Not long ago, I was studying at UC Berkeley. I wasn't quite sure what I wanted to do. But one thing I do know for certain is that, ultimately, I wanted to help people, so I gravitated towards Social Welfare.

In my last year at Berkeley, I took some interest classes and one of them was called the "Beauty and Joy of Computing". The course lived up to its name, and I was fascinated by what I learned in that class. I realized how much of an enabler software is at this moment in time. I saw how valuable it was for me to understand and use it as a tool to have the impact I wanted to make in the world.

I graduated with a degree in Social Welfare, and began the journey to become a software engineer. My goal has always remained the same -- to help others and make the world a greater place. I believe I'll be able to achieve more by working with technology. I hope one day to start my own company, inspired by other missions like Coursera that make education more accessible, or like Kickstarter that helps others to achieve their dreams/missions through providing a global reach for crowdfunding.

In the meantime, I aim to learn everything there is to improve as a software engineer. If you've got an opportunity for me, send me a note at jiayaohuang6@gmail.com. Thanks for reading!

For more background on where I came from and how I earned my addmission to UC Berkeley, check out my talk at the TEDx Youth Watsonville stage.

A few fun facts about myself
  • My favorite hobby is probably cooking (mostly Asian food).
  • I also love baking, mostly cakes, and find it very rewarding to see people enjoy them!
  • I'm an animal lover as well and have two hilarious Chinchillas.
  • I grew up in China and have owned dogs throughout my childhood. I love them, as you can tell from my photos! Sadly, I don't have any right now.